Richard Wagner


Tuesday, 18 July 2017 | 6.00 PM

Pietro Mascagni / Giacomo Puccini


Wed, 19 July 2017. | 8.00 PM

Carl Orff / Georges Bizet – Siim Aimla


Thu, 20 July 2017 | 8.00 PM

Carmina Burana (Carl Orff)

Sophie Witte (soprano), Frank Valentin (kontratenor), Rafael Bruck (bariton), Krefeld-Mönchengladbachi Theatre Choir and Symphony Orchestra, Saaremaa Boys Choir (conductors Tiina Oks, Veikko Lehto), Estonian Dream Big Band


Carmen Loves Jazz (Georges Bizet)

Music by Georges Bizet and arrangements for Estonian Dream Big Band by Siim Aimla. Choreography by Marina Kesler (Eesti Rahvusballett) and design by Madis Nurms.

Carmen: SOFIA RUBINA-HUNTER and MARIKA MUISTE (Eesti Rahvusballett)

José: RENÉ SOOM (Rahvusooper Estonia) and JEVGENI GRIB (Eesti Rahvusballett)

Escamillo: KRISTJAN KASEARU and ANATOLI ARHANGELSKI (Eesti Rahvusballett)

“Carmen” is a piece that incorporates melodies most recognised from other operas, hits you might say. Since the beginning of jazz, famous songs have been arranged and improvised based on well-known melodies. This time, the plan is to re-imagine the entire staging of “Carmen” in addition to the music.

Music director and conductor Siim Aimla.




Giuseppe Verdi


Fri, 21 July 2017 | 8.00 PM

Krefeld-Mönchengladbachi teater


Ooperi “Maskiball” algversioon, mis tugines ajaloolisele vahejuhtumile reeturlike rootsi õukondlaste seas, solvas itaalia tsensoreid sedavõrd, et oma loodu lavale toomiseks tuli Verdil koos libretistiga lennutada ooperi tegevustik üle Atlandi ookeani Bostonisse.
Vast polegi oluline, kus ja millal intriig aset leiab – “Maskiball” on üks Verdi kaunimaid teoseid, selle armastuslugu üks kirglikemaid suure itaallase ooperiloomingus.
Itaalia keeles, eestikeelsete külgtiitritega


Sat, 22 July 2017 | 8.00 PM

Soloists, opera choir and symphony orchestra of Krefeld Mönchengladbach Theatre
Conductor Mihkel Kütson

Popular opera gala of classical music Weber, R. Strauss, Wagner, Beethoven ao.

Krefeld and Mönchengladbach Theatre in Germany is a creative home for resident opera, ballet and drama companies as well as a symphonic orchestra, the Niederrheinischen Sinfoniker under Mihkel Kütson. The orchestra also plays an integral part in the opera and dance productions on the stages of both opera houses in Krefeld and Mönchengladbach.


Thu, 20 July 2017 | 11.PM – 03.AM

Fri, 21 July 2017 | 11.PM – 03.AM

Sat, 22 July 2017 | 11.PM – 04.AM

The midnight club OPERA ROYAL in Kuressaare


Doors will be opened at 11PM and the program will start afer the opera.

The ticket quarantees you a seat in Opera Royal even in the intermission and ligth buffet.

Thu 20 July
Estonian Dream Big Band feat Fjodor Vassiljev, Sofia Rubina

Fri 21 July
Estonian Dream Big Band feat Kaire Vilgats, Kalle Sepp

Sat 22 July
Estonian Dream Big Band feat Susanna Aleksandra, Uku Suviste

Georges Bizet


19.07.2018  Kuressaare Castle Opera House / 20.00

Shanghai Opera House



20.07.2018  Kuressaare Castle open-air stage / 20.00

Shanghai Opera House


Wen Deqing


21.07.2018 Kuressaare Castle Opera House / 20.00

Shanghai Opera House


Tauno Aints


P 22.07.2018 Kuressaare Castle Opera House / 16.00

Opera choir and symphony orchestra of Vanemuine Theatre


Children’s opera by Tauno Aints

Directed by Marko Matvere

Starring: Pirjo Jonas, Simo Breede, Reigo Tamm, Märt Jakobson, Karmen Puis, Merle Jalakas

Opera choir and symphony orchestra of Vanemuine Theatre

Conductor Taavi Kull


Story of a girl named Juta who lives in the countryside at her granny’s. When Jutta’s sweet little guinea pig Possu falls ill, granny tries to make Juta and Possu feel better. An unbelievably colourful magical world opens up – Juta and Possu have to battle against evil-doers and the just plain weird, win friends, find courage, and it all ends well – that is, Possu gets better.

Google and Moogle yourself into a magical world with colourful adventures, music and theatrical magic! Guugelmuugelpunktkomm is a story about what happens after your switch off your mobile phone.


In collaboration with Vanemuine Theatre

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart


25.07.2018 Kuressaare Castle Opera House / 20.00

Performance in two acts by Hungarian National Opera


Right in the centre of this opera, among the chaotic events of the “day of madness” and a wedding nearly gone up in smoke – are the clever barber from Seville and his spirited love, Susanna.

Judit Galgóczy’s direction focuses on the dynamic and pulsating game of everyone appearing not exactly what they are and desiring something other than what they have…

Giuseppe Verdi


26.07.2018 Kuressaare Castle Opera House / 20.00

Performance in two acts by Hungarian National Opera


The sultry atmosphere of intoxicating parties, an unbridled life of luxury, sparkling Champagne and… lethal illness. This was what existence was like for the “lady of the camellias” before her true love walked into her life. The fallen woman. This truly sensational theme swept through the art of the 19th century, making a stunningly beautiful Parisian courtesan named Violetta Valéry into one of Verdi’s most famous heroines.

Johann Strauss juunior


27.07.2018  Kuressaare Castle Opera House / 20.00

Performance in three acts by Hungarian National Opera


On one of his visits to Budapest, the younger Johann Strauss formed a collaboration with Hungarian writer Mór Jókai. The fruit of their work turned out to be one of the “Waltz King’s” finest operettas „Der Zigeunerbaron“.

Night of music with the sounds of the Hungarian czardas, Gypsy music, the Viennese waltz and weightier melodies. And what is a bald pig dealer doing in an operetta? And how will the son of a gentleman become the baron of the Gypsies? All will be revealed in its own time.


28.07.2018 Kuressaare Castle Opera House / 20.00

Soloists, oper achoir and symphon orchestra of Hungarian National Opera

Programme of evergreen opera classics



Thu 26th July, 2018 | 23.00-03.00

Fri 27th July, 2018 | 23.00-03.00

Sat 28th July, 2018 | 23.00-04.00